How To Market Digital Products Online

The Internet provides a great opportunity to successfully market your digital products online, it allows every part of the transaction to take place online without using any other form of communication. Your buyer can browse your product line, make a selection, make payment and even receive their digital goods online!

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the Internet by selling digital products. However you would need a good online marketing strategy to exposure your goods and services to your prospective buyers and people that want them the most.

The first thing you would need is a simple website, this would serve as your online store that will display and showcase your goods. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with your online marketing, your website is like a holding place for your digital goods.

Next you would need to market your products online; one of the best ways to market your products and services is by using the search engines. It’s safe to say that 95% of the people that come online use search engines and most of the business online revolves around them. You can use the search engine to market your business by either using pay per click or article marketing.

Article marketing exposes your business to customers that are searching for what you have to offer when they do a search in a popular search engine such as Google. For example they type in a term such as “piano playing software” and are exposed to one of your short articles, and are able to visit your site from your article.

Pay per click works pretty much the same way but there are the ads you see on the right side of the page when you do a search with the major search engines.

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Ebook Covers, the Secret to Marketing Digital Products – The Packaging Sells

Advertisers have kept a well-known secret for eons. Product packaging sells.

Most of us can immediately relate to the “magic power” of product packaging. From the time we were kids, we were “charmed” by products whose packaging was bright and colorful, or featured our favorite comic book, cartoon characters or commercial mascots (like “Tony the Tiger” – Frosted Flakes and “Toucan Sam” – Fruit Loops) on the box. I’m willing to bet that more than a few of you could right now describe in detail the box for the “Monopoly” game, “Candyland”, or “Operation”. Even some forty or fifty years later, the advertisers still have a hold on you.

When marketing digital products like reports and ebooks, “packaging” is no less important. In fact, it’s much more important. Why? Because you can’t touch or feel digital products; they have no physical presence. So how do you convey to a potential customer that your product holds value? You can give them a whole laundry-list of benefits and features, but it won’t accomplish near as much as one well-designed product package. A great eBook cover.

What an eBook cover does for a potential customer is to psychologically give him/her a “physical” product, a thing of value. And while online customers are very attracted by the instant gratification of buying a product and being able to immediately download it to their computer (rather than having to wait days or even weeks for a product to be delivered to them), they still want to feel that they have purchased some “thing”. So, rather than the customer simply paying money and downloading a series of ideas and information, “thin air” if you will, an eBook or report cover gives them a visual object that, when done well, creates something visually appealing, conveys a sense of credibility, adds quality, gives an illusion of a physical item, and so makes the customer more comfortable about the purchase.

So how do you get a great eBook cover design? Well, you could hire a professional graphics artist to do the work for you. Many online marketers choose to go this route. However, there are issues to consider, and one of the main drawbacks in doing so is cost. If you’re only ever going to publish one or two reports, cost may not be much of an issue, even when the service may be a bit expensive. But, if you’re an Internet marketer, consultant or own another business where you may be creating a multitude of digital products, then hiring a graphics artist will get very pricey very quickly.

The solution, find a graphics software program that will allow you to create professional-looking graphics (including report and eBook covers) quickly, is reasonably priced and easy for you to use. Features of a desirable program would include:

No prior graphic design knowledge or experience necessary
Quickly and easy design creation
A number of design features: colors/themes, fonts and effects to create fully customized designs
Cover product creation that whether viewed in digital form or printed out, appear in high definition
Realistic 3D design

Paying special attention to the packaging of your digital products will not only help to encourage prospects to buy, but when a customer is satisfied with your product, helps to encourage them to become repeat customers. Help your prospects to gain a sense of your credibility and assign value to the digital products you offer them. After you’ve worked long and hard to create an awesome product for the market, give your product the the quality in packaging that it most certainly deserves.

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Marketing Digital Media Products – Internet Marketing For Novices

The eBay ban on downloadable books has affected many, including the makers and sellers of the product. If you’re a seller that’s been affected by eBay’s crackdown in ebooks, you are not without recourse. There are many options you can employ to reinstate your previous level of sales and stay in business.

It’s not difficult to convert exceptional quality content is not hard. What is required is an intricate knowledge of your niche market, that is, what exactly it is that your consumers want. Once your content is worded the way you want in to be and converted into a digital media product, your next step is to market your product in order to turn a profit. If your knowledge of internet marketing is detailed, it will be easy for you to maintain or increase the number of sales you had before the eBay ban.

One of the easiest ways to sell your product is through your own website, which should be geared specifically towards your customers and give them information about your product. Your website should be easy to use- if customers have to go through too many steps to learn about or buy your product or can’t figure out the navigation, you will lose them. Once your website is arranged simply and in a visually attractive manner, the next step is to optimize it for search engines. If done well, this means that when users search for key words or phrases related to your product, your website will be in the top results returned to them. While you may want immediate results, this is a step that will ultimately determine, maintain, and increase the amount of traffic your website gets. Don’t neglect it!

Another option is to use a pay-per-click advertising program like Google AdWords or and affiliate program like ClickBank. You can also use eBay to sell your product, as long as it’s not an ebook. These options, while easy, can be costly, but when used in conjunction with search engine optimization are often effective.

Be sure when researching tutorials on digital media marketing that you find the right product for you, not the first one. It is important to have a system that teaches you both about product conversion and marketing- no matter how good a product is, sales are often determined by the marketing. If a product is not attractive enough or appears difficult to use, consumers will be turned off.

Don’t just rely on ebooks to help you make money- try turning other content into digital media products in order to increase the product you have available and reach a wider consumer base.

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How To Market Digital Products: Use Your Own Knowledge As An Incentive

If you are marketing digital information on the web, one of the best ways to get folks to buy your ‘product’ is to offer an incentive.

First of all don’t start by discounting your price. Everyone out there can cut prices. The only ones, who can do this constantly, are those with very deep pockets who can afford to lose while you go bankrupt. Stay away from discounting. Moreover, it tends to “discount” your value to the customer/reader too. If you have worked hard to build an image or brand that stands for quality, you don’t want to discount (read: alienate, reduce, sully or besmirch) that hard-won reputation.

Start with incentives that not only add value to your readers, but demonstrate once again how well you can research, write, organize information and communicate with your target group. There are a variety of items you might want to consider when offering an incentive to the site visitor, reader, and prospective buyer to take you up on your offer. You can produce ‘special reports,’ ‘white papers,’ ‘buyers’ guides,’ ‘short “how to” manuals;’ and e-books.

My favorite is the e-book. You can produce a short e-book of less than 50 pages, on any topic that is related or supportive of the main topic of what you are trying to sell the reader. Take the time to arrange a list of the very most important hints, help, tips or secrets that they might want and need to further their own efforts. List these hints, and then write a bit about each one. Don’t forget to include live links to other sources of information. If any of these other resources are also affiliate links of yours, don’t put too many in the e-book. It will look like a blatant promotion and reduce the value of the e-book in the eyes of the prospect.

You can also produce special reports or call them ‘white papers.’ Take a specific topic that the readers will be very interested in, conduct your own online and offline research (offline is still often called the library) then write a concise white paper of 50 pages or less that is now “proprietary” only to you…if they want this special report, they can get it free when they purchase (or do what ever you want from them) or do what you are asking.

Let’s say you wanted to market a “how to guide” on digital cameras. Take the time to do the research and put together a buyer’s guide for digital cameras. If you spend the time online and visit a few bricks and mortar camera shops on your own, you will have more than enough to provide your prospects with good information they can use. What better than a buyers guide to go with a book on how to use digital cameras?

Realize too that when you are communicating digitally with these new people, you should get them to agree (opt-in) to receive your newsletter or periodic emails with information they may need. One of the best ways to do this is to make what they are buying from you the “continual e-book”, a book that is constantly updated with new information by the author. You can’t send them the very latest if you don’t have their permission and their email address, right? Now you are building your list. In the future, you can make offers to them that might involve some equipment to go with their camera or other ‘how to’ guides they may find useful, especially after buying and using your first e-book.

Your ever-expanding emailing list is gold!

Make sure you always ‘brand’ your e-book or other digital item by ensuring that your name and contact information is on the cover and the back page with a live link to your web page, along with your business email address. There is no need to put your logo or brand name on each page. That is visually just a bit too much; it might smack of over promotion and put some readers off. But do make sure your e-book, manual, guide or white paper has an attractive cover. Make it look like a real, physical book, using readily open source-available software packages that use templates to make covers for all your digital information products.

People enjoy incentives that are immediately useful in their endeavors. If you can offer one that is closely linked or supportive of the main purchase — and you can give it to them for free as a thank you for buying your digital product — you’re a winner.

Make sure your incentive is really valuable to the recipient. The secret is to under promise and over deliver.

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Build Your Online Cash Machine to High Commission Payouts – Make Money Marketing Digital Products

Information is now transferable to anyone faster than at anytime in recorded history. Digital information moves at the speed of light on the fast track cash road known as the Information Super-Highway that is the internet. People are generating high commission payouts marketing digital products to niche and micro-niches. If you want to build your fast track cash road and enjoy the potential profits of high commission payouts, you must be willing to take action to achieve that goal.

People want information, answers to questions, and solutions to problems as fast and as easily as possible; and they are ready to pay you for it. You can make money marketing e-books that offer high commission payouts because of the instant gratification the customer receives. No physical product to ship is the big advantage.

This is where you come in. There will always be segments of the population that are broken into thousands of niche markets and further down into micro-niches. New ones are being discovered everyday by those who check the search-engines for keywords and phrases, forums for topics, and blogs and chat rooms. Research is where the potential for high commission payouts is possible by matching niche-markets to informational products that meet their needs. There are many markets and products that will enable you to build your fast track cash road and make money marketing digital products and informative e-books.

There are programs and software that can simplify tasks such as market-research, keyword suggestions, and finding money-making products from legitimate sources. As with any potential business opportunity, research and due-diligence will allow you to make an informed and educated decision. Taking action is was separates doers from the procrastinators, from those who make money to wishing they had it. The road to success becomes less crowded the farther you go down it, with the quitters on the side of the road. It can be difficult at times, but fortune favors those who push on no matter what the circumstances or hard-ships they face.

Anthony Simoneau wants to spread the word about the vast amount of opportunities available to internet newbies and anyone intent on improving their financial future. To see how:

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